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Our Flagships

Spruce Tip Ale

Crisp, malty unfiltered ale packed with spruce tips that lend a light citrus flavor.

6.5% ABV 20 IBU

Failure to Reform Pale Ale

The first beer in our "Derby Series," our Pale Ale is the perfect cure after a long stint in the penalty box.  Citrus, tropical hops lend to part of the pack in this crushable brew. (A portion of sales for this series will be donated to Cherry City Roller Derby and the Rob Lobster Memorial Scholarship Fund

5.6% ABV IBU 40


Named in honor of the hardworking “Men along the shore!” or Longshoremen and Women of the Pacific Coast, our Amber Ale is malt forward with a hint of citrus hop on the horizon. Smooth and sessionable, a great brew to throw down the hatch after a long day of piloting the vessel or unloading the containers!

6% ABV IBU 25

Ranch Dog Series

We created the "Ranch Dog" series as a tribute to our furry friends that live here at the ranch. A portion of sales for these beers will be donated to the Heartland Humane Society in Corvallis, Oregon.  

Camille's Golden IPA

Named for Joe's beloved retriever sidekick of 16 years, Camille's Golden IPA is chock full of Citra and Mosaic hops that gives a citrusy, hoppy bite rounded out by a smooth malt character.

6% ABV 80 IBU

Cali's Black IPA (Seasonal)

Our spunky black lab Cali deserves nothing but the best and she lets us know it. Dark malts with citrus hops create a smooth, complex black IPA with a subtle hop kick. Perfect for a night by the fire or at the end of a long day enjoying the great outdoors.

7% ABV  60 IBU

Special Releases


Our Triple IPA brewed with 5 different types of hops rounded out with malty goodness.  Big citrus and tropical fruit tones along with intense pine, and woodsy aromas. We limit brews to a few times a year so when you see it jump on it! (Also please check the link for the story behind Tumornator).

12.5% ABV 100 IBU

King of the Forest Oud Bruin

Our Oud Bruin starts with Spruce Tip Ale for its base beer. Half of the ale has been napping in our Pinot Noir barrels for the past year with our house lacto-strain, the other half is freshly brewed Spruce Tip that wanted to join the party. Put them together and you get a nice oaky aroma followed up by tart, fruity flavors with a malty backbone. Makes an amazing companion for hearty meals and holiday parties.

ABV 6.5%  25 IBU

Barrel Aged Spruce Tip Ale 2017

We took our flagship ale, tucked it away in Pinot Noir barrels for over a year and refermented with Brettanomyces.  The result? An earthy, tannic nose followed by slightly tart, sweet fruit notes with an oak backbone.  Great to enjoy now or stash away in the cellar for developing even more complex flavors!

ABV: 7.8%  IBU: 25  (Bottles only)

The Belgian Dip

Strong. Dark. It’s how we drink it Belgium.  Called a Belgium Dip. Ok maybe it’s not but this smooth ale isrich with a hint of spice and fruit.  The essence. The right stuff. What the French call a certain... I don't know what. (Brewed for the Cheers to Belgian Beers Festival 2017)

ABV: 10.5%  IBU: 20

Bull of The Woods BarleyWine

Our take on barleywine, fermented in rum barrels.  Malty and smooth, but packs a sneaky punch.

10.5% ABV


Pom el Hefe (Spring/Summer)

A tart hefeweizen brewed with pomegranate.  Perfect beer for a hot summer day on the river.

6.2% ABV