About Wolf Tree

Wolf Tree Brewery is located along Beaver Creek in Seal Rock, Oregon.  The brewery first opened its doors in 2013, operating with a 20 gallon brew system.  In 2015, the brewery expanded to a 7 bbl system with the capability to brew close to 100 bbls a month.  We look to produce our beers using the finest ingredients, including natural spring water from the coastal forests on the ranch and hops grown on the property. 

Wolf Tree is one of very few breweries operating on a working cattle ranch.  Unfortunately our unique location cannot support a tasting room or taproom, as of right now we are strictly a production brewery.  This predicament could have some drawbacks when it comes to retail, but our cows that live across from the brew house that get to feast on the fresh-from-the-mashtun-spent-grain would beg to differ.      

So what the heck is a "Wolf Tree" you ask? Wolf Tree is a forestry term to describe the biggest tree in the forest. Sitka Spruce trees are generally the largest trees along this stretch of the coastal range.  When you factor in our location on a cattle ranch surrounded by 500 acres of Sitka Spruce trees what do you get? Spruce Tip Ale, our flagship beer that contains spruce tips harvested fresh from the property every spring.

Our mission is to craft unique and distinctive beers that encompass the ranch and surrounding coastal forests. 


Wolf Tree Brewery is a Registered Trademark of Wolf Tree Brewery LLC