The café is now open!

Our Café space below the taproom is now open!

Our current hours are:

  • Monday through Friday 8am-8pm

  • Saturday 8-10pm, Sunday 9-8pm.


  • Will you have food?

    • Yes! We will have baked goods and some other offerings in the morning. Deli lunch on weekdays and a pub menu evenings and weekends. We will posting the menus soon!

    • You will also be able to order food from the taproom during their operating hours.

  • Espresso?

    • Yes! We will have an espresso/coffee menu and tea offerings.

  • Are minors allowed?

    • The cafe will be completely family friendly. The upstairs taproom will remain 21+.

  • Are alcoholic beverages permitted downstairs?

    • Our OLCC expansion permit is still in the works but at the moment you can bring packaged products and sealed growlers from upstairs downstairs to enjoy them. We will be putting a draft system in Fall of 2019

  • Are dogs permitted?

    • Friendly pups will be more than welcome to join in the fun at the outdoor seating area.

  • Outdoor seating?

    • The picnic tables are ready!