The Man

William E. Hitselberger M.D. (1930-2014) also known as the tumornator, was a neurosurgeon who developed innovative approaches to skull base tumors. He performed more than 6000 surgeries to remove acoustic neuromas. He was a pioneer in developing the auditory brainstem implant and he directly, or indirectly, helped train most neurotologic surgeons in this country. He made a difference.  He also enjoyed a good IPA, and we have made a great one. 

The Beer

A crisp, malty Triple IPA brewed with 5 different types of hops.  Big citrus and tropical fruit tones along with intense pine, and woodsy aromas.   This unfiltered Triple IPA is only brewed a few times a year, and it pairs well with sunshine, Golden Retrievers and clothes fresh out of the dryer.  

12.5% ABV 100 IBU  

The Cause

A portion of the proceeds of the sale of this beer will help support local charities.